What happened?

Hey everyone.  It has been far too long since I put ink to page, or word to screen, anyway…you get the picture.  I hope those of you still watching this place are doing well.  So what happened to the site?  Well for the longest time we have been running on a community server and after it was down for over a week I decided to just move the site to wordpress.  The downside is I have lost a lot of content, but I am still hopefull I can get that and import it here if for nothign more than prosperity.  

Talk to you all again soon,



One thought on “What happened?

  1. I’m very sad that you lost all the old content! Some onths ago I pointed a friend of mine to your site to learn about “file virtualization”. When trying now to rewrite this mail for another friend I discovered that this page wasn’t there anymore. Very sad when knowledge is lost.
    All the best anyway!

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